The Beacon - environment

The Beacon

Andrei zberea beacon image 0011
Andrei zberea idea houdini

storyboard: part 01

Andrei zberea idea houdini 4

storyboard: part 02

Andrei zberea idea houdini 5

storyboard: part 03

Andrei zberea idea houdini 6

storyboard: part 04

The Beacon - environment

Houdini environment project, a project in which I used only Houdini for everything. From procedural modelling, effects, animation, texturing and much more - using only a brief storyboard to guide the process.

The whole environment is procedural with minimal art direction (camera position and timelapse timing), so it can be changed easily.
Software used: Houdini FX

- Houdini used for everything
- Comp using Nuke