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Container Paradigm

Master Thesis project on container living combined with modular methodology. June 2016
"In a world that is becoming more and more complex with each passing year, a world where we encounter problems with home availability. This is a world where we need better temporary alternatives that are affordable. A world in which we need better usage of ‘space’. This master’s thesis subject is about the possibilities of a more simpler and more space efficient lifestyle. A ‘home’ with which we can travel anywhere, similar to a snail or hermit crab. This lifestyle has no boundaries and would be available to everyone as a choice. Similar to the “Plug-in” city by Archigram, we would be capable to move our homes and connect them. With this thesis I investigate how we can both have an opportunity to lower our ecological footprint and at the same time create a ‘home’ that can support even the financially troubled. In a way, it is an investigation how a house can become more opensource to everybody as a concept." - Container Living excerpt

In this project I used 3D visualization, model making, CAD planning in order to achieve the final result. 

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