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Penumbra Conundrum

Andrei Zberea
‍Light is quite complex – it’s energy or more specific: radiation energy. Light is composed of different frequencies that are created through refraction upon entering the atmosphere. The sky itself is blue because the color blue refracts the most, though depending on the sun position, it can change to yellowish red because the globe is rotating away from the sun and red colors are caught in the atmosphere.
‍Ambient light is generally created from the light waves hitting the surface and reflecting – bouncing around the  environment.Shadows tend to be incredibly complex because of this. A shadow is composed of Umbra, Penumbra and antumbra. The umbra is basically the darkest part while the penumbra is “almost” the shadow.
‍The main focus of this work is on “Penumbra” and “Conundrum” which represent the problems of the konsthall.  In a konsthall, light is quite important – incredibly so. Light determines how the work is viewed by people and it also affects the art work physically ( damaging the surfaces of paintings for example). The Conundrum itself is having light and at the same time not having light.
‍There are multiple solutions to this Conundrum, like blocking all natural lights and using artificial lights, dimming surrounding windows etc.  However my solution to the problem is an intermediate one. While blocking light is effective – it’s not good to use artificial light for prolonged periods of time. Dimming windows is good, but it’s quite expensive to use ionization methods and plastic films are pretty nasty.
‍In order to achieve this, I started exploring shadows and light, and modifying the space to ensure adequate amount of lighting for both staff and art works. Trying to achieve a harmony between shadow and light by using panels; to showcase the penumbra effect.  Straying away from static solutions, going straight to adaptable and flexible solutions.
‍The cabinet was created for the sole purpose of demonstrating how direct light can be obstructed and create the Penumbra. The idea resulting from this- is the solution to the current Conundrum of the konsthall.
‍It's a solution to a paradox, by having both low-light and sufficient amount of sunlight - a controllable eclipse.
Andrei Zberea
Andrei is an Interior Designer - 3D Visualizer that likes to explore new design methods.

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