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Design Methodology

Andrei Zberea

Methodology is an interesting topic about design. There is a plethora of methods to use in order to achieve the final result. During my Master thesis I managed to gain further appreciation towards the different types of methods for designing. In application, these methods can also be used for other means, since by concept they are very plastic. Lets take for example the method of splicing together different ideas from smaller elements, in this case using famous elements and creating something new.

This render is the result of this combination of elements. By taking ten unique elements, one element by one from ten famous chairs - we get this idea.

This method can be used in more abstract ways, thus gaining similar results. Another good example is using style methodology. This method is very commonly used in industrial design to evoke different periods or certain philosophy. Streamline is a prime example of a style, which to this day still has a big presence in the tech industry. The Apple IPhone 3G is one product that popularized the style again with its simplicity.

A quick history lesson, Streamline was a very important style during the 1930's in the United States. Raymond Loewy was one of the biggest influences towards this style, so much so, that he was named the Father of Streamlining and Industrial Design at the time. By definition the streamlining, meant getting rid of edges and bits that protruded along the shape - focusing on a singular shape with elegant curves for less wind resistance. While in Aircraft and other vehicles it made a lot more logical sense - this didn't stop it from affecting other design spheres.

Streamline in design, meant to take elements and simplify them, but at the same retain the same usability. The term "streamline" became such a big influence over all domains, and to this day it's used to tell somebody when to make something more accessible.

This is an example of typical streamlined influenced furniture model. Using the method we can achieve a shape, a path or an idea. The prototype represents a TV cabinet with flowing elements integrated into it, from wave shape drawers to the typical Streamline style sides and materials.

These are a few examples of how methods can be manipulated into something new. There are plenty more methods to use; from idioms, hermeneutics, blind drawing, etc. to more complex interactions that use multiple layers of methods stacked on each other. In a way, experimentation with the methods can draw different results - from beneficial to superficial. But in the end it's always a good idea to have a guide like a method in the cases where you feel lost.

Andrei Zberea
Andrei is an Interior Designer - 3D Visualizer that likes to explore new design methods.

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