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Developing new ideas

Andrei Zberea

The Starting Point

Development is a difficult and time consuming task. It's a slow process that requires a lot of involvement; sometimes bringing good results and sometimes bad. It is a matter of challenging again and again. As an example, I tried to find a way to make a lamp that is not quite standard in form and shape. I overall enjoy experimentation, especially when it comes to furniture design and industrial design.

Essentially, a new idea comes and goes. It requires lots of tinkering, sketches and of course logical solutions.  I would also recommend using design books that have different methodologies described in detail. Some of the literature I would recommend are the following: "Universal Methods of Design: 100 Ways to Research Complex Problems, Develop Innovative Ideas, and Design Effective Solutions" and "Sketching User Experiences" by Bill Buxton.

The Midpoint and the Endpoint

Research is important, it helps further better ideas. But also not being afraid to make mistakes, because you can always get better. Ideas start out rough and get better and better with more knowledge. This is not limited to ideas, but also to techniques. As a 3D and Interior Designer, I am still learning - polishing my ideas and improving. In the end, all you need is effort and continue working and studying.

To summarize, you need effort, knowledge and lots of trial and error. Developing is difficult and is never simple.

Andrei Zberea
Andrei is an Interior Designer - 3D Visualizer that likes to explore new design methods.

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